Christmas tree campain!!

 haha, a tiny tree in front of our department office's door.
 pure white tree in the window display of Comme Ca Du Mode
 Isetan department store's tree outside
 tree in front of GAP in the Shinzyuku station east entrance
 tree in our department store----seibu ikebukuro main store. This year's trees are all of this style~
 the sunshine city tree(the hugest I've ever seen this year)
 Odakyu's tree
 Ikebukuro station
 another cute tree of a cake shop
 magical tree~
 haha a real reindeer?

Happy new year ^^ Merry merry Christmas

This Koren vision <Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer>, is from drama <イケメンですね>,which had got so pop in last year's Christmas season.And the leading actor Jang Keun Suk(장근석) is casted in this year's KBS's Christmas season drama<Mary Stayed Out All Night>, haha, looking forward to the happy ending!And good luck for Keun Suk,I'll always be fan of you \ ^ ^ /

 Let's listen to this original cute <Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer>.

One of my guy friends wrote in his blog like: single boy single boy single all the way......
OMG,so funny.It is time to send wishes to the next year and get ready to work hard on it!
And hope everyone can realize their dreams in the coming year,whether on health, love(say bye to single haha),study,career,...anything,make it a wish on this warm Christmas day!
with all best wishes~~~


The comparation between CBS news from 1960 to 2010

The 1st piece of news is 《Live Coverage of The Assassination of President John Kennedy Part 7 》,which was published 30mins after the death of President Kennedy.The news geneally told us that how president Kennedy spent his last day in his life, and he died at 1pm centural standerd time.
The style of this news is really different from today in many aspects.For example the use of language: as we told you a moment ago, I don't is
And the host broadcasted like talking casually with a friend or giving a speech in a meeting.He keep on taking off and on his glasses, lol, but this really attract my attention. It's funny to see that another staff give him the latest news material while he is announcing.

In this CBS 1980 news “break”,the announcer gave us 3 pieces of  news, which tells us the wholesale price got up 1.5% by February because the inflation, and most major banks raised the prime lending rate to 17.75%, meanwhile the unemployment rate droped from 6.2% to 6.0% etc.From this piece of news we can see the screen appeared on the left side of the announcer ,changing occasionally to follow the contents of the news. But still the announcer had to read her manuscript while broadcasting, and I think the clothes of this hostess is more like a casual style comparing to today's formal suits.

I can hear a little voice in the background,which may come from the studio.This piece of news is about 2000 American president election. By the time of this news,Bush got more votes than his competitor Gore but still needed 270 votes to win. And there is also guests in this news show, who analyzed the situation of election with the host, and I think this form of political TV show is still popular nowadays.
And both male and female hosts all wore formal suits at that era, and I think the apparel of people in a TV show had been paid attention to much earlier than that ear.

Oil spilled in the ocean, two American soliders missed in  Afghanistan, the strategy to weaken heat in a extreme whether, and a doctor's dilemma from a recount of a doctor. If I didn't watched the above news, I can't find that nowdays' speed of broadcasting  news become so fast. From the host's speed of  speeking to the switching of two pieces of news.But we can still catch up with the news. Because of the insert of video,and most important is the host always looks at us and keep the eye contact with us to attract our attention.This should thank the scrolling screen in front of the host which shows his speech text.Maybe this change(already changed from the above 2000's news) can also tell us that the developing of technology makes the news faster and even our understanding .
And I really appreciate the style of host, whose smile make me relax myself to keep on listenng to his news.

The reason I put this piece of 80's ABC news is because it included our forever super star Michael Jackson (I think this is a precious video of me because since I know him he had already become white )and a sweet  newyear's wish from that old gentleman. This is a wish from 1979 hahaha~

 Merry Christmas and happy new year !


posters of alcohol in Syowa era

Here are some comercial pictures of alcohol in 昭和era(the Japanese introduction is under each picture)
I pick all the Suntory company's  pics at first, because there are so many!
A good one I think!So many caps may mean this bottle of drink are so popular!
Oh I don't want to judge, but from all the pics above, I guess the poster designer may run out of his idea, and the pics are all similar to eachother----telling us,I like drinking this wine!Really like!!
So let's check out some other company's design!
haha obvious two, but so visual,make me want to drink it.
Oh, this one is beyond my imagination......
I can't figure out why there're so many sexy scenes come into the alcohol comercial ?!
Finally I got a fabulous one!I think this picture is worth the series's name----`HERMES`.haha

posters of cigarette in Syowa era

I found some pics in the昭和era, in that Japan 's  highly developing period, these posters are so imaginative and ineresting.Below I divide them in two groups,first one is cigarette,and then comes alcoho(in my next blog), hope you enjoy!

1.cigarette comecial posters (the Japanese introduction is under each picture)

I think the pic on the package is more interesting than nowadays HOPE lol
I love this one.I define this one  is the kind of `imply`,which wonˈt tell directly of the merchandise,but let you imagine.
Never heard of this brand by now.
Never heard of this too.and I think the person in the picture looks like Hitler, how about you?
oh, one of the most pop brands in Japan ----Mildseven!
As  lighter always comes with tobacco,I also chose two lighter posters.
unique& sexy design!